Paradise Sencha - 2oz

Paradise Sencha - 2oz

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Our beautiful Japanese Sencha blended with mango bits and coconut flakes has been one of our favorite cold brews this Summer. It smells like a cool breeze from Hawaii with just a little bit natural sweetness on the palate.  

Steep. Sip. Repeat. Did you know our loose leaf teas can be steep for at least 2-3 infusions? Make sure you get all the goodness from your cup before tossing your leaves.

8 oz - filtered/pure water

3g - tea

Temp: 180 degrees

Steeping Sweet Spot: 2 - 3 minutes

Makes 15-20 cups, plus a second, third steep. 

Coldbrew: Simply use 6g tea for every 32oz water. Green tea usually hits it steeping sweet spot at 2-4 hours. You may also brew overnight for a more robust flavor.