About Us

It all started in London during a gap semester. When a 19-year-old sweet tea drinking southern girl quickly became a loose-leaf tea enthusiast. My 20-plus-year love affair has led to wandering all around the world from tea shop to tea shop, and now sharing with you what I have learned along the way.


We launched Wildflower House of Tea locally in Georgetown, Texas on October 13, 2018, at The Georgetown Market Days on the Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas. 

At our core, we are Wildflowers (n.) wanderers, free-spirits, independent thinkers, and perpetual daydreamers who value the craft of artisans both locally and abroad.

When following our dream to start our very own tea company, we knew we wanted to embrace the same down-home philosophies we live out every day.

Eating Local. Drinking Local. And Supporting Local.

But when you live in the heart of Texas, curating a collection of handcrafted, seasonally harvested, direct-sourced and fair-trade tea from around the world takes more diligence in product sourcing and relationship building. However, it is possible.

Our eco-friendly commitment to real tea, supporting our farmers, the environment and your health means - - - No Bags. No Staples. No Tins. Ever. We only offer the highest quality tea we can find in the world in simple, minimal-waste, guilt-free, earth-friendly biodegradable packaging.

You can shop with us online, sip our teas locally with our brand partners, or get to know us better at one of our Communi-tea Pop Up Shops.

We look forward to getting know you and what fuels your passion for real tea.


Wendy Tran
Wildflower House of Tea Founder - Tea Enthusiast - Perpetual Daydreamer and Adventurer

“All who wander are not lost” --- some of us are just in search of the perfect cup of tea.