Chaiwala Chai
Chaiwala Chai

Chaiwala Chai

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Chai is the Indian word for tea. And, Traditional Chai made by Chaiwalas is Masala Chai, which is a sweet and spicy black milk tea. It has been drunk all over the subcontinent of India for hundreds of years. Now, the secret recipe of the Chaiwalas is yours!

Traditional Masala Chai is made in big pots at home and on the streets of India. Not from concentrate or by-the-cup like most have experienced in western-style coffee houses. Chaiwala Chai is meant to be shared. So, as purveyors of "real tea," it's the only way we make it.  Our Indian friends tell us it reminds them of home and that makes our hearts soar. 

Our Chaiwala Chai comes perfectly measured with organic Assam and freshly ground Masala spices, and makes 8-10 cups of Chiawala-style Chai.